Martin Hoyle

Professional Sales and Sales Management Coach

The Sales Academy from PCS Professional Coaching Services

Martin Hoyle

It is a well-established fact that many of the men and women companies employ to represent them in front of their clients have little or no formal qualifications relating to their profession.

In a world of companies desperately seeking to differentiate themselves this is a clear area where a measurable impact can be made.

Yet there is an internationally-recognised qualification of degree-status which has been created specifically for sales professionals – The ISMM Diplomas in Professional Sales and Sales Management.

PCS has joined forces with Growth Engineering and IDA to bring the ISMM qualifications to Australia and New Zealand via one of the world's most successful and acclaimed Professional Sales Academies.

Delivered through a combination of an award-winning LMS eLearning platform and some of the most talented and experienced Sales and Sales Management Coaches in the industry, The Sales Academy is a uniquely powerful proposition for the professional development of your selling teams.

Fully customisable with your branding and content The Sales Academy can be up and running within your organisation in only a matter of days.

Stand out from the crowd. Professionalise your selling teams.

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